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Jin R. Hong Teaches Olympic Style Taekwondo in North Kingstown, RI

The Grandmaster of our martial arts school in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, Jin R. Hong is a 9th Dan black belt in taekwondo and has more than 40 years of experience in adult and kids martial arts training. An internationally certified referee and a Group A member of both the US Olympic Committee and Pan-American Games, he also hosts his annual Rhode Island Open tournament.


After arriving in the United States in 1982, Grand Master Hong opened his first school, focusing his teachings on both traditional and Olympic style taekwondo. The following year, he founded the Taekwondo Club of Brown University, which he also taught for the next twenty years. In 1993, he opened another martial arts school, continuing to teach students the vast benefits of Taekwondo.

The accolades that Grand Master Hong has received are not only numerous; they are very well deserved. He has been awarded as one of the top ten grandmasters in the United States.


His Olympic style taekwondo teachings have given rise to over one thousand black belts, some of whom have gone on to become masters or instructors, teaching students in the ways that they had first learned. Grand Master Hong's philosophy is that Taekwondo is much more than just self-defense classes.


He teaches that its foundation is about mental discipline, confidence, balance, and harmony. Gaining strength and energy in these qualities will not only make one a good student, but also a better person in life.

Our Instructors!

Louis Alfonso Is an Instructor at Our Martial Arts School in North Kingstown, RI
Master Louis Alfonso

A student of Grand Master Hong for 20+ years, 5th Dan Master Louis Alfonso, Ph.D. has been educating students for 13 of those years, mainly with children, family, and adult classes. A certified referee of the United States Taekwondo Association, Master Alfonso is Professor Emeritus of Foundations of Education at Rhode Island College. As a teacher for our martial arts school, he enjoys seeing how Taekwondo has helped students to mature not only in their abilities, but also as a person.

YungJin Jin Teaches Tradition Taekwondo in North Kingstown, RI
Master YungJin Jin

A 4th Dan Master originally from Korea, Jin Yung Jin has been guiding students in their training for 20+ years and has shown a great ability in focusing students on the finer points of the class curriculum. Teaching primarily family and adult classes, Master Jin finds that one of the most endearing qualities is to teach students not just have respect for others, but also to show the same amount of that respect in themselves and their abilities.

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Grandmaster Jin R. Hong

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